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Sports for all and reach higher

Scientific training, sports science, and advanced statistics.

Numbers Talk

Keep Tossing Lab. is a firm believer in numbers, we especially value the experience of interpreting the number and how it benefits athletes. 

Coach Smart

Qualitative is equally essential to quantitative, in Keep Tossing Lab., we work closely with the athletes, trainers, and coaches, together to make improvement visible and effective.

Proven Methods

In Keep Tossing Lab., we are dedicated to introducing state-of-the-art methods and tools from around the globe to the athletes in Taiwan.

numbers talk


Understanding the physical numbers of the end result of the baseball with Rapsodo. Detailed metrics of spin rate, spin axis, gyro degree...etc., are superb indications of how powerful the pitch or the batted ball is.

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numbers talk

4D Motion

Quantitative analysis of the bio-mechanical numbers reveals the athlete's room for improvements and helps trainers and coaches to further assist the athlete in a proper direction.

numbers talk

Blast Motion

Thanks to Blast Motion, the baseball bat now tells a comprehensive story of the entire swing, we finally know at exactly what angle and what speed the hitter attacks the ball.

numbers talk


Exit velocity, launch angle, and advanced statistics, HitTrax offers an in-depth analysis of the batted ball and has proven to be valuable to athletes.

coach smart

Cam Analysis

What's more valuable than a pair of sharp eyes from experienced coaches, maybe two pairs of eyes. With the help of synchronized multiple high-speed cameras, coaches and trainers no longer miss precious clues.

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proven methods

Cutting Edge Solutions

Keep Tossing Lab is dedicated to introducing state-of-the-art solutions to the athletes in Taiwan.
Here's a list of certifications and courses that our trainers and coaches acquired: 

Pitching Biomechanics and Mechanics by Driveline Baseball

Basics of Pitching Design by Driveline Baseball

Pitching Analytics 101 by Driveline Baseball

Foundations of Hitting by Driveline Baseball

Axe Bat Long Bat Trainers by Driveline Baseball

Axe Bat Short Bat Trainers by Driveline Baseball

Rapsodo Baseball Pitching Certification by Rapsodo

Rapsodo Baseball Hitting Certification by Rapsodo


Here's the brief of team member's background of Keep Tossing Lab:

MLB Record Holder

ACM Proceeding Co-author

Elsevier Journal Co-author

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